Flutter… is great. I find it much easier to get things done in flutter than I did in Android. It also has the added benefit of being cross-platform which I appreciate.

I wanted to do a little more research on the theory behind Maslow’s hierarchy of needs so I could write good quiz questions that reflect each need well. Once I had done this, I modified the questions file that already existed in the project into a bank of questions that the app can draw from. I then put the actual question class into its own file. Once I created this, I then had to create an interface that the user could interact with to answer these questions. I’ll have to draw out the interface in order to be able to move forward with more direction.

dart code for questions
The many questions of the quiz

Since the structure of the questions is true or false, I’ll have to design accordingly. I’m thinking a thumbs up and thumbs down button would be a good way to show this in a nice, streamlined manner rather than having radio buttons for yes and no. I’ll be booting up Adobe XD for this. I hope that Nesa will like the design I come up with.